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Mobile Valet Extras

Clay Bar from £50.00
Chemical Decon from £40.00
Rain Repellent from £30.00
3 Month Spray Sealant from £20.00
5-6 Month Sealant from £30
Soft top deep clean & reproof from £100.00 (re-dye from £200)

Gloss Enhancement machine polish from £299
Day Detail from £400 (with 12 month Ceramic Coating!)

Bookings currently require a percentage based deposit to secure a chosen date

Ultra Gloss Mobile & Studio Based Valeting Services

The appearance of a well valeted and maintained vehicle will often be more impressive than when the vehicle was new. Valets come in a range of specifications, from a two hour maintenance clean which is our package designed to ‘maintain’ the interior & exterior to a very high standard! Starting from £80, through to ‘Deep Clean’ Full Valets involving deep cleaning, decontamination, polishing & waxing starting from £250.

The main benefit is to maximise and maintain the value of you vehicle, so that it always looks good and when the time comes to sell it, you achieve the maximum sale price. Without regular protection, paintwork becomes oxidised, stained and deteriorates over time. The longer you leave it without any protection, well, the quicker this happens. We can apply self healing ceramic coatings to fabric coatings, leather and much more that will keep your vehicle looking great.

We are based in Langtoft, Peterborough and cover up to 20 miles radius including Stamford, Rutland, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and of course Peterborough.

Our Deep Clean package gives special attention to the interior covering every small area to larger areas under the seats, in your air vents, between front seats and the handbrake down the chair runners everywhere will be cleaned and treated. Scroll down for full list of packages.

Our Deep Clean Includes:

  1. Vacuum all the carpet and mats including the boot area
  2. Shampoo & steam clean fabric seats or deep clean and condition/protect leather seats
  3. Shampoo & steam clean mats
  4. Clean all interior glass
  5. Deep clean of all interior plastics, dashboard, instruments and door cards, then re-dressed with a natural anti static looking dressing
  6. Blast air freshener of choice – Luxury inspired fresheners available for £5

We offer all three of our valeting packages as a mobile service or at our detailing studio. We can also offer a bespoke package to suit your needs & budgets.

Maintenance Detail

Ultra Gloss Mobile Valeting Services - Mini Valet / Maintenance Valet - Peterborough
  • Snow foam pre-wash
  • 2 bucket safe wash
  • wheels & arches cleaned
  • dried with plush microfibre towels
  • spray wax applied
  • interior vacuumed
  • plastics cleaned
  • spray air freshener

*To qualify for the maintenance program, you have to have a Deep Clean or Ceramic Detail carried out first!

Mid Level

Ultra Gloss Mobile Valeting Services - Gold Valet - Peterborough

Includes Maintenance plus;

  • Chemical tar removal
  • 3 month sealant
  • Floor mats shampooed
  • Interior & exterior glass cleaned
  • Spray air freshener

The Deep Clean

Ultra Gloss Mobile Valeting Services - Platinum Valet - Peterborough

Includes Mid Level + full decontamination including;

  • Clay bar
  • Layer of high quality durable wax/sealant
  • Metal Polished
  • Seats & Mats Shampooed
  • Leather cleaned & conditioned
  • Glass polished
  • Spray air freshener

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