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Ultra Gloss Headlight Restoration

Headlights over time can become cloudy, yellow and cracked. This happens due to the polycarbonate lens being exposed to the sun’s uv radiation and harsh elements – road salts etc.

Restoring your Headlights – 2K Clear Lacquer

Our service consists of multiple stages of wet sanding, used with a orbital air sander to remove the failed UV protection, after the last stage of sanding we then mask up the vehicle (or remove the headlights) and apply 2-3 coats of 2k Clear Lacquer making them look as good as new & a permanent restoration!

Why the concern?

People don’t seem to notice in the summer time because daylight hours are long, when headlights become oxidised and yellow it affects the light output. The beam from the headlight becomes weakened and will not cover as much ground in front of the vehicle. This becomes a more serious problem as the days get shorter in wintertime. You’re more as risk in wet and stormy conditions as it’s harder for oncoming traffic to see you. Your headlights really need to be restored before winder gets here.

Did you know your vehicle can fail a MOT with oxidised headlights.

We charge just £150 per set – Potentially saving £££’s!

We are based in Langtoft, Peterborough, PE6 9NF and require you to drop your vehicle to our Studio or we can offer a collection service for a small fee.

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