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Detailing Services

  • Single Stage + Gyeon 3 Year Ceramic Coating
    From £799


  • Single Stage + Gyeon Infinite Base 5 year / Infinite Warranty From £949


  • 2 Stage Minor Correction + Feynlab Heal Lite – Self Healing
    (5 Year Warranty)
    From £1299


  • 2 Stage Minor Correction + Gyeon Infinite base 5 year / infinite from £1199
  • Wheels off detail & caliper coating
    from £150

Bookings currently require a percentage based deposit to secure a chosen date

Gyeon Infinite Warranty Details http://bit.do/Infinite-warranty

Gyeon Full Warranty Details http://bit.do/Gyeon-warranty

Ultra Gloss Detailing Services

Detailing, what is Detailing? We often get asked this. Detailing requires going way beyond the usual hoover and wash, paying attention to the tiny details that add up to make the car look show worthy. It is the thorough cleaning, restoration and finishing of your car both inside and out to produce the highest show quality level of detail your car can achieve.

Exterior Detailing

Exterior Detailing involves cleansing and restoring your cars paintwork to its original condition which usually is paint with a glossy finish. There is a wide variety of products and techniques used to do this based on the paint surface type and condition as well as the detailer’s preference. We will break down the dirt soil and remove embedded contaminates.

Once all the preparation work has been done then we focus on polishing or machine polishing which will resurface and improve reflectivity. This is called restore enhance then finish. This involves a 1, 2 or 3 stage machine polish dependent on condition of paintwork. At this point in the process we work on removing swirl marks and enhancing the depth and gloss of paintwork. Now that the paintwork has been restored and enhanced to its former glory, we can now look at protecting the paintwork with either a paint sealant, high quality wax or ceramic glass coating to finish. This will all be discussed at your consultation.

Interior Detailing

This involves deep cleaning of the whole interior such as carpets, upholstery, vinyl, leather, various natural fibres, carbon fibre composites, plastics, air vents, grilles and various others places before you start to do the exterior. This process consists of removing all rubbish, hovering, cleansing, dressing and vinyl / leather conditioning. We clean the plastics using a mild all purpose interior cleaner with brushes and microfiber cloths. Stain removal on carpets and seats is also available in our extra services. Every nook and cranny will be given a thorough clean and polished to perfection. Inside door shuts will be wiped and cleaned even using cotton buds if we have to. No area will be left untouched.

We offer both our exterior detailing and interior detailing packages as a mobile service.

We are based in Peterborough and cover up to 20 miles radius including Stamford, Rutland, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and of course Peterborough.

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