Ultra Tyres – Sio2 Tyre Dressing   


A water based, non sling, polymer tyre dressing leaving a factory satin finish, offering amazing durability & easy application with a lovely sweet fragrance.

Provides up to 4 weeks of protection, helping to keep your tyres looking fresh and new.



Once you have cleaned & dried your tyres, Apply Ultra Tyres directly to a sponge applicator pad & use just 2-3 sprays per half a tyre. Making this super great value!

Allow tyres to dry before driving the vehicle.


*Warning* Always wear gloves when using chemicals and avoid contact with bare skin. If irritation develops then stop using immediately and wash the affected area with cold water. Keep out of reach of children


Ultra Tip* You can use Ultra Wheels wheel cleaner with our scrub pads or a medium/soft bristle brush to clean your tyres.