Ultra Seal Spray Sealant

Spray On Rinse Off Protection – RTU

Ultra Seal is a Si02 Spray Sealant that gives up to 2-3 months protection to all exterior surfaces including paintwork, glass, wheels, etc. It can be applied via a pump sprayer or trigger bottle. 

Also good for maintenance top ups to keep your vehicle protected all year round.



Apply Ultra Seal directly to the exterior surfaces after you have washed your vehicle, allowing 30 – 60 seconds to bond to the surfaces & then rinse off with a pressure washer. 


*DO NOT let Ultra Seal dry on your vehicle, Rinse off thoroughly after with a pressure washer & make sure to dry after.


*Warning* Always wear gloves when using chemicals and avoid contact with bare skin. If irritation develops then stop using immediately and wash the affected area with cold water. Keep out of reach of children


Ultra Tip Always dry your vehicle after & why not use Ultra Gloss Detailer for that extra gloss.