This 2-litre Pressurised Pump Sprayer/Foamer is perfect for all your valeting & detailing needs. With its pressurised design, it ensures that you can cover large areas quickly and efficiently. Comes with 2 attachments, a Spray nozzle & Foam nozzle. Both nozzles allow for easy application of our snow foam, wheel cleaner, Citrus Punch & more!

Key Features:

– 2-litre capacity

– Lockable trigger

– Pressurised design

– 2x attachments – Foam & normal spray nozzle

– Air release valve

– Clear or Smoked colours available

Use this sprayer to help upgrade your pre wash game & plus it looks cool having Foam on the wheels etc!

Invest in this Pump Sprayer/Foamer today to go your car cleaning regime.

*always depressurise when not in use!

*please do not over pump!