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Why not book your car in for a winter protection detail?

Winter is fast approaching. Do you want to keep your pride and joy protected from the harsh road salt and grime?

Ultra Gloss winter protection detail is exactly what you need in peterborough and surrounding areas to keep your vehicle in tip-tip condition all throughout the harsh weather, choose from ceramic coatings, waxes and alloy wheel sealants to best protect your car from the uk winter weather.

The Winter Protection Package Includes

  1. Magifoam prewash to remove surface dirt and grime
  2. Wheels cleaned with non acidic wheel cleaner/ arches jet washed
  3. Safe 2 bucket wash and grit guard system
  4. Clay bar used to remove bonded contaminants
  5. Re rinsed and then dried with plush microfibre towels
  6. Paint Sealant applied. (6 Months+ protection)
  7. Wax applied for ultimate protection from the elements
  8. Wheels sealed and tyre dressed (up to 6 months protection)
  9. Rain repellent applied to windows
  10. Exterior trim dressed

We offer our winter protection detail as a mobile service.

We are based in Peterborough and cover up to 20 miles radius including Stamford, Rutland, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and of course Peterborough.

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